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Posted on January 14, 2017

Details about the making of the goodie bags.

In this cold wintery weather I had planned to meet my friend that I have known for 14 years for lunch and her children. I hadn't met them for a long time and decided it would be nice to gift them something too!

I went shopping this morning to purchase some sweets and chocolates for the kids goodie bags.

The children ages range from 4-13 (two girls and three boys).

The celeophane bags were purhased from Amazon for couple of pounds. Very good quality.

Contents of each bag:

  • Lollipop

  • Chocolate buttons

  • Jelly beans or Strawberry straws

  • Felt tips (for the under 10)

  • Notebook (for the over 10)

  • Bookmark

  • Rubber

  • Papermate coloured pens (for the over 10)

  • Stationery bundle-notebook , ruler etc (for the 12 year old)

Contents for my friend bag:

  • Seven coloured papermate pens

  • A lovely notebook from Sainbury’s

The total cost of the presents was roughly £10.00

The kids absolutely loved the presents. I really enjoyed making the stationery/sweets goodie bags.

I am hoping to make some more soon…!

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